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NOOsphere MArketing Conference is the perfect place to meet the real big fish of AdTech. We invite young professionals of online marketing to explore the uncharted waters at the #NooMa_Sea stream. And, we will dive deeper with marketing experts at the #NooMa_Ocean stream. Let's get into the depth of marketing together!

May 12, 2017Kyiv, Ukraine
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About us
Blue ocean has become a metaphor for the unknown market space, where participants don’t just follow the competitive rules of the game but create their own. Our panel of experts will share the latest trends and prospects in Affiliate Marketing, Mobile, Traffic Tracking, Conversational Commerce and Video Marketing.
Real big fish of marketing
2 streams: #NooMa_Sea for young specialists
#NooMa_Ocean for experts
for deep sea fishermen
Work opportunities
for students
Great catch of case studies
and contests with door prizes
Meet the big fishes, who prefer unusual marketing solutions, that are able to change fundamentally all the marketing strategy, to bloody 'red oceans’. Don't think that their personal experiences are fish stories. Listen as they share the whales they have landed in crowded and well-known market spaces. It is here that they earned their titles as business sharks.
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Yana Prolis
Yana Prolis Product Marketing Manager
at GDM Group

Yana has over 5 years of experience managing IT projects. In 2010-2013 she was an organizer of the OWOX – the largest ecommerce conference in Ukraine. In 2013-2014 she «jungled with chainsaws» in the capacity of Digital Producer, launching projects for Life, Dominos, Baccardi etc. 2014-2015 –participated in launching ecommerce startup MYService as a Project Manager. Now she is dealing with “monetization of user needs” in a position of Product Marketing Manager at Global Digital Marketing Group.

Karen Pyrogova
Karen Pyrogova GDM Group

Karen is Head of Sales at ClickDealer / GDM Group UA. Managing a large group of specialists, she is responsible for delivery of business plans set for the team as well as developing the company's sales and marketing strategy. Karen joined the team right after receiving her Master's degree in management and made her way from Affiliate Manager to Head of Sales in just 5 years.

Аnastasiia Nikonorova
Аnastasiia Nikonorova R&D Manager, ASKfm

Anastasiia Nikonorova is a business trainer, coach and focus group moderator. She will share experience in conducting focus groups: scriptwriting, participants recruiting and summarizing the information obtained from the focus group.

Alina Dykuha
Alina Dykuha Internet Marketing Manager,

Alina Dykuha is a Marketing Manager with more than 7 years experience in the field. She has worked in infobusiness, managing projects for the likes of Mirzakarim Norbekov, Robert Allen, Timur Tazhetdinov, and Andrey Parabellum. Alina has managed ecommerce projects for MedService pharmacies and Epicenter. She will share her experience conducting successful content strategies for various markets. Alina will also explain how the right content strategy for Email marketing helps increase sales and how to plan a series of emails that subscribers will actually look forward to.

Konstantin Novofastovskyi
Konstantin Novofastovskyi Chief Technology Officer, ClickFrog

Konstantin has been working in Internet Marketing for the past 12 years. He is an expert in CPA, PPC and Web Analytics. Konstantin leads, a Russian market leader in traffic audit systems. Konstantin has been a speaker at several marketing conferences, such as CPA Conf and PPC Summit.

Alex Kravchun
Alex Kravchun Product Manager, PDFfiller

Alex has been working in IT for more than 9 years. He has served as a SEO specialist in several major Ukrainian companies, before becoming a Product Manager at Yandex for several years. He is now a leading specialist in developing logic for marketing process automation at PDFfiller.

Anna Bekh
Anna Bekh Business Development Manager,

Anna serves as a direct deals marketing manager at TrafficDNA where she develops alternative sources of traffic. Her responsibilities include correctly initiating communications and successfully signing deals with publishers. She will share her experience in negotiating with Amazon and Ebay.

Serhii Pyatnytskyi
Serhii Pyatnytskyi Head of Sales, RingoStat

Serhii has been working as Head of Sales at Ringostat since October, 2015. Prior to Ringostat he was a Project Manager at Netpeak. At Netpeak Serhii managed more than 150 projects. He has earned both a Google Adwords and a Google Analytics diploma. In his speech, Sergey will talk about the best UTM settings, analytics systems and call tracking.

Alex Volskyi
Alex Volskyi Head of R&D at TrafficDNA

Alex is a certified financial expert and marketing specialist. Since 2012 he has been the Head of R&D Department at the full-service marketing agency TrafficDNA. The department led by Alex is responsible for IT product analysis, online market conjuncture on a global scale and detecting emerging trends. Alex is also a mentor at Noosphere Engineering School.

Natalia Logvinova + Оlga Zhirova
Natalia Logvinova +
Оlga Zhirova
Founders, Oscar Design Agency

Natalya Logvinova and Olga Zhirova are Founders of Oscar Design Agency. Olga and Natalya will share their experience in building a strong brand and the special aspects of Internet branding. They will explain how a strong brand can help lure VIP customers and increasing sales.

Maryna Ryzhko
Maryna Ryzhko Email marketer, UniSender

Maryna serves as an email marketing manager. She is also a lecturer for educational courses on Netology. She conducts webinars on integration with amoCRM, PROM.UA, Nethouse, МойСклад, and Atlas BPM services. In her speech she will share her experience in building subscriber lists and monetizing them through email marketing.

Alex Omelianovych
Alex Omelianovych CEO, AdsBridge

Alex has been working in online marketing since 2010. In 2013 he founded AdsBridge – a SaaS tracking platform for marketing agencies, media-buy teams, and large-volume affiliates. Since that time, the company has earned the loyalty of more than thousand clients all over the world and it is widely considered to be one of the best tracking solutions on the market.

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Alice Melnik
Alice Melnik Chief Operating Officer, GDM Group

Alice manages marketing and logistics. Her responsibilities include ensuring the daily operation of the company and participating in the development of the company's strategy. Prior to joining GDM Group, Alice served as the mobile advertising affiliate Manager at Cupid plc (2011-2012).

Serhii Aratovskyi
Serhii Aratovskyi Business Development Manager,
Fiksu DSP

Serhii is a mobile-first world citizen known for being a talented sales person. He has more than 10 years experience in digital advertising and has worked on both the agency and the media-seller side of the market, with over 1000 successful advertising campaigns under his belt. Serhii specializes in media advertising and sales.

Vitalii Malets
Vitalii Malets CEO, Publicfast

Vitalii is the CEO of Publicfast, an influencer marketing platform with over 43K influencers. Over the past three years, Vitalii and his team have helped 700 brands run over 2000 campaigns with influencers in 35 different countries.

Daniel Elad
Daniel Elad Vice President of Video Advertising
at GDM Group

Daniel is an expert in Media Buying, Ad Networks, Online Advertising, Mobile Marketing and Digital Media. Prior to Global Digital Marketing Group, Daniel was the Media Manager Team Leader in Taptica, a data focused marketing solution.

Konstantin Karpalov
Konstantin Karpalov Head of Payday Loans, GDM Group

Konstantin has been working in complex digital marketing since 2008: from product launching, traffic volume growth, and sales growth to complex project analytics using CAC, LTV, Churn, and MRR. Konstantin has worked with Canon, OBI, Tesco, Nissan, and HSN. He has spent the last several years working in the financial vertical. Konstantin specializes in payday, installment loans and CPA marketing including traffic arbitrage, СРА networks and building external tracking systems.

Mark Hassin
Mark Hassin Chief Revenue Officer at GDM Group

Mark leads all global revenue-related activities at GDM Group. Prior to GDM Group, he spent three years at Tipalti, a global mass payment solution. Mark established Tipalti's office in Silicon Valley and has built a sales team that has led the company to over 200 percent growth year-over-year with over two billion transactions. Before Tipalti, Mark was VP of strategic accounts at BlueSnap (formerly Plimus) and CEO of a top-10 digital agency in Israel, Publicis Webimage. Mark holds an MBA from Santa Clara University in California.

Jennie Wäge
Jennie Wäge Chief Marketing Operating Officer,
Digital Performance GmbH

Jennie currently serves as Chief Marketing Operating Officer at Digital Performance GmbH. She is an expert in Online Marketing, Online Advertising, Digital Management and Affiliate Marketing. She will give her presentation titled "My journey from intern to COO".

Nir Golan
Nir Golan VP of Marketing & Sales, MCR

Nir Golan currently serves as VP of Sales and Marketing in MCR (mobile content distribution). He is a seasoned expert in online marketing with more than 9 years of hands on experience focused on performance.

Dennis Hampe
Dennis Hampe Online Marketing Manager,
Forbrugerpost ApS

Dennis is a true marketing and communication professional, who prides himself on staying current with the latest trends. He became fluent in the theory of cross-cultural communication and gained experience in marketing strategy and implementation during his years at Aalborg and Aarhus Universities. Dennis is an Expert in Online Marketing, Marketing Communications and Public Relations.

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Registration & welcome Coffee
Official Opening
Karen Pyrogova, GDM Group, "Online marketing explained by an insider"
Yana Prolis, GDM Group, "Global trends in Mobile Marketing"
Alina Dykuha, SendPulse, "Content strategy for Online Marketing"
Coffee break
11:40 —12:00
Anastasiia Nikonorova, ASKfm, "Effective focus group: ASKfm business case"
12:00 —12:20
Natalia Logvinova + Olga Zhirova, Oscar Design Agency, "The A to Z's of strong brand building"
12:20 —12:40
Alex Omelyanovich, AdsBridge, "Thinking Profitably: The Basics of CPA Marketing"
Konstantin Novofastovskyi, ClickFrog, "CPM, CPC or CPA? What is safer?"
Alex Volskyi, Traffic DNA, "Conversational Commerce – entry field or battlefield?"
Alex Kravchun, PDFfiller, "20% of Marketers and 80% of Programmers: How does the Marketing department of major product companies work?"
Coffee break
Anna Bekh, Traffic DNA, "Effective communications in Direct Deals"
Serhii Pyatnytskyi, RingoStat, "How to analyze advertising campaigns results"
Maryna Ryzhko, UniSender, "How to collect and monetize email addresses"
Registration & welcome Coffee
Official Opening
Alice Melnik, GDM Group, "Anatomy of GDM Group: a look under the umbrella"
Serhii Aratovskyi, Fiksu DSP, "Mobile Advertising: where it’s been and what it is today"
Vitalii Malets, Publicfast, "What is influence marketing? What can we expect from it in performance marketing?"
Coffee break
12:00 —12:30
Daniel Elad, GDM Group, "How Programmatic Video is Changing the Game"
Konstantin Karpalov, GDM Group, "The A to Z's of internal affiliate networks"
Mark Hassin, GDM Group, "Sales and marketing – how to optimize the funnel"
Dennis Hampe, Forbrugerpost ApS, "Intro into the CC submit vertical"
Jennie Wäge, Digital Performance, "My journey from intern to COO"
Nir Golan, MCR, "Living in the Jungle without going wild"
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